How To Get 1,000 New Instagram Followers in One Mont


Instagram is a massive platform to expand your business and help develop some great following to turn them into clients. This app provides diverse people to come together and view everything in one platform. Since Instagram was rated as one of the top social media platforms, it will be an incredible idea to start your business with this.

There are many tactics and strategies that can help you start a wise business and expand it via this medium. But it is first important to know how you are going to do this.


One of the greatest ways to expand your business is by growing the number of followers in your page. You can do so with the help of buying Instagram likes on Famoid, which is an application built to buy you necessary likes and comments in order to help expand your business and gain popularity.

Instagram acts as a great social media platform wherein people share and exchange videos, photos, chats and other fun things with one another. Unlike apps that only serve one purpose as in LinkedIn is only for those who are in the look for business, Instagram is different. It provides diverse options for people with diverse choices.

If you want to use Instagram only for fun you may do so, while if you are looking for a business platform, it can be one too.

Now before we begin to talk about business here, it is important to know that without a strong following, you cannot proceed. Following plays an important role as they contribute to the likes, comments, views and other important things to the posts. Not only this, sometimes they even willingly turn into clients for your business. That is why it is very important to have a strong following. In order to have a strong following or build one, we have a few quick strategies that may help you do so. Let’s have a look at them!

  1. Provide remedy to your viewers
    When you engage in supplying content that acts as a major beneficiary to your viewers, you tend to gain attention more rapidly. People have a stressful life and they are always in the need for something that can help lighten the pressure.
    If you give them enough ideas on how they can set it then it really helps to gain followers as they will look up to you for any kind of problem solving. In this way, you can also win the trust of the viewers and proceed to the next step.


  1. Use Instagram stories to promote your brand
    Stories are viewed by more people than those who view your daily posts. This is because Stories are right at the top of your profile and doesn’t need much hassle to get into. This is why more people opt to view stories than posts, so if this is the case, you should obviously use Instagram stories to promote your business and brand more often.
  2. Post at the right time
    You might think that this is silly but no its not. This is one of the most powerful ways to grab attention of the viewers as time plays a massive role.
    Majority people tend to use Instagram at night, evening and in late mornings. This is when is the right time to engage your viewers with your content. When majority people are online together, scrolling through the news feed, you are more likely to receive profit than in any other time. Try to buy Instagram likes so that your posts are liked and popularised more often and faster.
  3. Update your profile
    Viewers need fresh content everyday. They wouldn’t want to follow you or stalk you if you got the same content to display. Also, if you are not up to date with your profile, people tend to lose interest from your profile more often and you will only reduce your viewers at the end.
    Hence, you have to make sure that you keep coming up with fresh, positive and new content each day to keep your viewers engaged and interested in you.
  4. Use HASHTAGS all the time
    Hashtags actually work wonders. They play a massive role in getting more and more viewers to become your followers and engage themselves in your content. When you use hashtags for every post, you will notice that the number of likes increase more rapidly than when you don’t use hashtags. In this way, you will be able to grab attention of the viewers faster. Always remember to use hashtags up to 30. It is very helpful.

    These were a few tips on how you can increase your followers up to 1000 in just one month. You can also buy Instagram likes to help you gain followers faster.


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