How a Language Program Helped My Traveling Dream Come True


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It was my dream to travel to Europe, specifically, France. And for many years, it felt like that dream was impossibly far away. When I finally started saving money and eventually booked my flight to Paris, I realized that if I wanted to enjoy the most out of my trip, it would help to learn French. The problem was I wasn’t very good at that.

We’ve all tried those apps before. You know the ones. You download it for free and click on the pictures and learn the words. They seem cool because they have games to play and achievements to unlock. But after a month of that, I didn’t feel like I could speak a language.

I began to think I just wasn’t good at learning language. In high school, I took some Spanish, but I don’t really remember a lot of it. And after failing with the free apps, I figured that maybe I should just give up trying to learn French. And that’s when I found OptiLingo, a language learning platform that works.

What Is OptiLingo?

OptiLingo is a new language learning program designed to help people learn a language fast. How fast? Imagine becoming fluent in hours, not years. When I started the program, I realized that it was a lot different than my other experiences of language learning.

When I took Spanish, it was mostly a lot of grammar and syntax stuff, or you’d learn all the different forms of the word, but not much else. There were times when we would practice saying simple, strange sentences, like asking where the post office was. After all those years, I would hardly consider myself fluent. I can introduce myself and know a few odd words and the basics, but that’s about it.

This is where OptiLingo is so different. It uses something called Guided Immersion with Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS) to help you learn fast. The lessons are short too, about 20 – 30 mins a day. And the results are incredible.

How Guided Immersion Improves Language Learning

You always hear stories about how young kids learn a language fast. There’s some truth to that. OptiLingo teaches similar to how adults teach children. Instead of looking at a foreign language under a microscope like you would do in a classroom, you learn it as a toddler does. Guided Immersion focuses on high-frequency words and phrases making it fast and easy to learn a new language. You hear real conversations that people experience every day. Sometimes, when I’m working through a lesson, it feels I’m already in Paris because I can see myself using the phrases I am learning.

If you want to learn how to speak a language, you need to be able to hear it and speak it. Free apps work great if you only want to read when you’re traveling, but I want to talk to people. When I go somewhere, I want to see the world from the way the locals do, become a part of it. Each phrase you hear comes with context and support to help you fully understand what you’re learning. It feels like your whole brain is working, and you learn faster.

What is Spaced Repetition Systems?

The other thing that OptiLingo uses that I thought was pretty cool was Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS). SRS describes a way of studying new information while remembering previous lessons. Each day, you start with a self-test of a prior lesson. It forces you to use what you’ve learned before. By the end of the week, you’re reviewing all of a week’s lessons. This helps you reflect on what you’ve learned.

This is better than apps that sometimes throw up random words you studied before. It’s also way better than how I learned language in high school, where you’d never see something you spent hours studying again. And because each day you remember what you learned before, you get that sense that you’re learning the language. I’m several weeks into the program already, and it feels like I’ll be fluent by the time I land in Paris.

It’s More Than a Language Learning Program—It’s a Mission

When I was looking for a program to help me learn French, I stumbled on a lot of sites that had that corporate feel. You know what I’m talking about, full of cold stock photos and offers meant to distract you from the reality that your dream is just another sale to them. When I looked into the founder of OptiLingo, I realized that he was a creator who was on a mission.

Jonty Yamisha cares about making sure his platform succeeds. He started out ten years ago teaching himself the dying language of his people, Circassian. At 30 years old, he decided to get back in touch with his culture and his family through the discovery of this incredibly complex language. Over the course of 10 years, he was able to master this complex language and a few others. The skills he learned and his passion for language form the foundation of this language learning platform.

Jonty isn’t some distant owner trying to increase sales. He’s an avid language activist and part of the Endangered Language Alliance. I think it’s important that he lives by his product and understand the importance of learning languages. For me, going to France is about experiencing a different culture and getting to know the people. Knowing what drove Jonty to create OptiLingo proves to me that it’s a product built to help people. You get a sense of his passion behind each lesson as you rapidly learn a secondary language.

Choose OptiLingo Is Risk-Free

As I prepared for my trip, I needed to budget so I would have money while traveling. I didn’t have an extra $100 – $600 required for premium programs like Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur. I had also heard that these products were dated and not very helpful. And while you can’t get cheaper than free, those smartphone apps don’t help you speak a language.

OptiLingo is great because it’s affordable. At only $9.99, it meant that I could invest a little in learning a language and get more out of it. And the best thing is that it comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

If you’re ready for a language learning program that will rapidly help you learn a new language with proven methods that work, you can’t go wrong with OptiLingo. As I leave for my flight to Paris soon, I am confident that I’ll be ready to speak French fluently by the time my plane lands. Don’t let the difficulty in learning a language stand in the way of your dreams. Take your first steps to fluency and OptiLingo a chance today.



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