HOT Tech News 2019: Play Nintendo Switch with Your Earbuds!


Game anywhere you like with the Nintendo Switch. Want to buy wireless headphones for endless play on the road? Read on to find out how to pair devices and discover innovative troubleshooting solutions for common problems.

How to Connect Bluetooth with Nintendo Switch

You will need a few workarounds to hook your Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch. Be sure that you have the best sounding set you can afford. Purchase a Bluetooth transmitter that has an audio-in jack if you plan on pairing headphones to an undocked Nintendo Switch. You will need a 3.5 mm cable. Review the owner’s manual before pairing up the Nintendo Switch. Sometimes the pairing method might be different.

Undocked Nintendo Switch How-to

What’s next? Follow these simple instructions for an undocked Nintendo Switch:

  1. Take the AUX cable and Plug it into the Nintendo Switch headphone jack
  2. Then attach the AUX cable into the Bluetooth Transmitter device
  3. Pair the Bluetooth Transmitter and the Bluetooth Headphones

Docked Nintendo Switch

If you plan on using the Nintendo Switch docked, then you can simply plug in the USB dongle into the console. The Nintendo Switch will recognize the headphones. A prompt will show up on the upper-left hand corner of the screen. It’s that simple.


While many headphones work with the Nintendo Switch, not all models will work. In fact, not all models within the same brand will work. If you have a pair available, test those out to see if it works. However, if you cannot hear audio or your device is not recognizing, then try out these troubleshooting options.

  • Check to see that the earbuds are charged. If not, then charge them and try again. Take the time to test the headset with other devices to make sure that the headset works properly. You can test the headphones on another gaming console, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Did you try to connect the Bluetooth headset with an undocked Nintendo Switch? If so, try using the device in docked mode. Sometimes you might have issues with your Bluetooth transmitter device.
  • Test the ports. Also, test the cables. A loose cable or messed up port can cause issues with your pairing. If the cable is faulty, then replace the cable with a new cable.
  • Your battery life will drop significantly when you pair the Nintendo Switch and your headphones. Take that into account while playing.
  • Latency can be an issue when pairing the Bluetooth headset with the console. This can happen when a delay occurs during data transference.

If you continue to have problems pairing devices, check the internet for a detailed list of compatible headsets. Future updates from Nintendo may allow for more options.

The 4.0.0 Nintendo Switch update has incredible add-ons like video capture, new data options, and support for wireless headsets. Not all sets will work with the Nintendo Switch, but most major brands like Logitech, Skullcandy, Turtle Beach Ear, and the Steelseries headsets work. Enjoy hours upon hours of gaming entertainment.


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