High Security Locks- Are they more Secure?


You cannot deny having heard the term ‘High Security Locks’ but are you aware of what they really mean? What is it that makes those locks high security and are they worth spending the extra money that you ought to pay for them?


Do you know what makes a high security lock? Well, by the name of it, high security locks need to be physically secure and hence they are made of only very high quality metals like hardened steel, boron steel or stainless steel. The high security locks need to be so designed to resist any physical attacks including drilling, hammer attacks or prying and thus it is inevitable that they have either a Grade 1 or Grade 2 ANSI rating. Most of the high security locks are most likely to be UL rated and listed.

High security locks have keyways and keys that provide you with ‘key control’. The manufacturer accomplishes this by designing a keyway which is unique and has a utility patent. The utility patent defines how the keyway ad key function together and how the key ought to activate the pins and discs and any other mechanism which may be designed in the keyway to be activated by the unique key. This patent is also how the distributor and the manufacturer may control the keys. These are not just another keys which a local key store could manage making but they can be uniquely made by the manufacturer and for that you must provide identification alongside original lock codes to ensure that the lock is your property.

Some major points of the high security locks are:

  1. Patented keyway, key and lock mechanism
  2. Constructed or made of very high quality materials
  3. High resistance to prying, drilling and even hammer attacks
  4. Pick Resistant
  5. High measure of Key Control

Are you still wondering whether these locks are worth the price you’re paying? For that, you may want to consider the area that you are protecting. If you want to just lock the outdoor shed or some space with old belonging not of much personal worth, you may want to do away with the idea of using the high security padlock. However, if it is valuables or thousand if not millions of dollars of electronics which you need to keep secure, yes the price is much worth the protection you are getting. High security protection should in fact be the most normal course of action in the cases of businesses, offices, hospitals and educational institutions.

Your house? You answer that. What is it you’re protecting. Let go of the stuff, think of family. Is it not important to pay that extra price for the most precious assets you have? Is your family worth the extra price? Then go ahead and install the high security locks to ensure safety and protection. You do not want to save a penny to lose millions later, do you?


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