Health Benefits That Massage Therapy Has to Offer


The tangible benefits accruing from massage therapy are great in acting as stress-reliever and give people a sense of relaxation. Though the benefits are innumerable and different for different people, the main essence of the process is still in its therapeutic benefits which are curative and valuable in terms of your physical well-being. This manual therapy decreases muscle pain, stress, tension and even depression by manipulating the soft tissues. The very act of placing the hands on one’s body can be thriving for the person. Studies illustrate that babies of both humans and animals might not thrive or even survive in the absence of physical touch. Even for caregivers and especially for them, therapy involving physical touch can be extremely beneficial. In case of mothers who are in constant physical contact with their babies postpartum depression affects them to a much lesser degree, while one can notice a remarkable reduction in stress, depression and anxiety for elderly caregivers involving the experience of touch.

Since our body is only a reflection of the inner state of mind, the avenue that massage therapy provides for balancing stress and tension of everyday life gives us an opportunity to have a healthy mind along with a healthy body. So when one feels taxed and overwhelmed, it might cause the muscles to become stiff and sore. And similarly the mental state will be affected by your physical condition. If one is in pain or some other kind of physical discomfort, the person may be prone to having more negative thoughts, depression, anxiety etc. affecting his entire thought pattern.

Of the many forms of massage therapy that there are, acupressure is a rather beneficial and quite popular one as it involves pressing certain specific points in the human body which directly affect the different organs. There are various kinds of acupressure in practice today but they still use the ancient trigger points. There are different styles of acupressure in practice which are created by blending different techniques, rhythms and pressures. The varied benefits of massage therapy are:

-increase in circulation

-enhances the functioning of immune system

-promotes the smooth functioning of the nervous system

-normalizes blood pressure

-relieves muscle tension, pain, fatigue etc.

-improvement of overall mood, intellectual reasoning and performance

-helps improve conditions like migraine, diabetes, fibromyalgia and arthritis

-also helps regarding multiple health conditions covering both physical and mental problems

When the right techniques are involved massage therapy can be a huge stimulation for the proper functioning of the nervous system which helps reducing muscle atrophy. Not only it improves the condition of your skin and tones the muscle, but it ensures the health of various organs in the body. Massage therapy has the power to sedate your nervous system which results in easing spasticity, muscle tension, headache and other symptoms related to stress caused by various lifestyle disorders. If massage therapy can be done regularly, then one can enjoy long-term benefits such as improved immunity, overall health condition, memory, mental state etc. However, body massage has an explicit effect on blood circulation and it is absolutely imperative for people who want to stimulate their circulation. Lastly, massage therapy in promoting better joint movements and body flexibility is the best remedy for ailments causing stress, body ache and other bodily discomfort which also offers the additional benefit of making one feel rejuvenated.


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