Google’s Indian Language Internet Alliance Aims



 Google’s Indian Language Internet Alliance

Google has launched Indian Language internet Alliance, which goals to increase the quantity of Indian language content on the net and to get 50 crore Indians online by way of 2017. For this, Google launched, a portal that aggregates Hindi content on the internet. The alliance aims to eliminate various hurdles to having access to Indian language content material on the net, essentially specializing in developing standards for Indian languages to beef up discoverability.

At the launch, Google India MD Rajan Anandan quoted Indian Readership Survey (IRS) figures, pronouncing, “we have now 198 million (19.8 crore) Indian English speakers. Virtually all of them are online.” He added that there are 400 million Hindi speakers in India who do not need get right of entry to much Hindi content material on the net. He announced Google’s intention – to get 500 million Indians online by means of 2017.

Google said there were 4 hurdles to the expansion of Indian language content on the web. These are: get admission to, discoverability, content material and innovation. Anandan mentioned Indians have very limited get right of entry to Indian language content. Even when the content is there, the dearth of Unicode compliance makes it arduous to discover. Part of Google’s solution is to encourage extra folks to publish extra content material in Hindi and show it prominently through Anandan also said that there aren’t many startups in India and now not a lot innovation is going down relating to apps in Indian languages.

Google’s Indian Language Internet Alliance Aims to Get 50 Crore People Online

Minister of State data & Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar, whereas launching, said he believes that Google’s intention of bringing 50 crore individuals on-line is attainable. “I consider 50 crore individuals will come on-line as a result of Indians are one of the best at adaptation,” he stated. Javadekar mentioned farmers in India have all the time been able to adapt to modern farming techniques, using the analogy to focus on his belief within the Indian Language web Alliance’s intention.

The Indian Language internet Alliance options several partners at launch, together with NDTV, the national book trust, and ABP.

Google Search, together with knowledge Graph cards, has been to be had in Hindi for a while. During the launch, Google verified Hindi voice search on an Android telephone. The company stated it is trying to create usual fonts for Hindi to make more content discoverable. Google said it has 15 completely different Hindi fonts on hand and plans so as to add as much as 50 Hindi fonts by using the top of the yr. Google mentioned all of those fonts are open source.

Another of Google’s demonstrations – an advanced Hindi keyboard (Google Hindi Input on Google Play) – has been on hand on Android One smartphone. The corporate said it “hopes this is able to be included in the upcoming Android Lollipop OS”.

In the interim, Google seems to be focusing on Hindi, but the company stated it’s going to use this to construct inputs and search in other Indian languages corresponding to Marathi, Tamil and Gujarati. The company declined to offer a timeline for launching equivalent initiatives for different languages.