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Google Maps has been the go-to Program for Browsing around cities for most people.

It’s quite simple to use and contains detailed traffic information along with turn-by-turn navigation. With Google Maps, an individual can type at the destination and receive navigation instructions alongside the time of arrival at the destination. Nevertheless, not all places are searchable to the program and there are instances when we needed to copy the address and then paste it in the search bar in the Maps app. With the most recent changes, Google is making it easier to copy-paste addresses.

With the latest change, users who have copied a speech to the clipboard will have the ability to find an choice to look for it straight. This alternative is available just above the House and Work shortcuts that already show up in the program. With this attribute, you will have the ability to save a few clicks and a couple of seconds to search for a location. This feature will only function when you have an address copied in the clipboard and you open the Google Maps program.

Individuals over at XDA Developers spotted this shift first which appears to be a server-side switch. This is anticipated to be available on many smartphones and we did try it out on our Google Pixel 3 smartphoneand found it to do the job. We tried it on an Apple iPhone XR however it did not indicate the copied address. Google had introduced a similar feature for the Chrome browser which lets you paste a link directly into the search bar of the browser when it’s copied onto the clipboard. While these two attributes are not radical, they do help speed things up.