Google Glass May Obstruct Peripheral Vision

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People carrying Google Glass may just experience important blind spots on their right facet, which could interfere with tasks akin to using, crossing the street and taking part in sports, US researchers said Tuesday.Only three people had been integrated within the analysis of the technology which gives online get entry to by way of a tiny monitor connected to a spectacle body published within the Journal of the American medical affiliation.

The findings showed “vital” obstruction in peripheral imaginative and prescient on the suitable facet, where the tool is established, the article mentioned.

Researchers stated further find out about in a bigger pool of wearers is required.

“To our knowledge, this is the primary analysis of the impact of wearable electronics with head-mounted show on imaginative and prescient,” wrote the crew of investigators on the university of California, San Francisco.

Google Glass May Obstruct Peripheral Vision: Study


“The software created a clinically significant sight view obstruction in the upper right quadrant.”

The blockage was because of the thick strip of subject matter along the appropriate side of the wearable software, now not because of any distraction through the device, the scientists mentioned.

3 males have been a part of the learn about. All had 20/20 vision.

Visible assessments, in addition to an analysis of 132 pictures on the net of Google Glass being worn by way of consumers, showed that the equipment lined up with folksy’s eyes in any such means that it obstructed their box of view.

In the study, wearers took visual exams with the Google Glass in location, and however wearing conventional eyeglass frames.

“Conventional spectacle frames can scale back visual field, infrequently inflicting absolute blind spots, and head hooked up gadgets have even more suggested frames,” the article stated.

Google Glass turned into on hand in the usa in could for a price of $1,500.

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