First-Rate Reasons to Buy a Used Luxury Auto


A new car arrives in perfect condition and includes a longer warranty. Nonetheless, pre-owned luxury vehicles offer greater advantages in most ways. Motorists don’t just appreciate the lower prices. They also gain health and environmental benefits while cutting operating costs.


You can afford a more luxurious or spacious model when you purchase a used car. Alternately, you could choose to forgo loan interest by paying for a pre-owned vehicle in full.

  • Save money on sales tax and other fees
  • Buy an auto that originally cost far more
  • Decrease or eliminate financing expenses

If you buy a used car, you’ll avoid considerable amounts of depreciation. It’s not uncommon for a new vehicle’s value to fall 40 or 50 percent in the first 48 months. High-end models often depreciate faster than other autos.


As vehicles age, insurers tend to reduce their premiums. Furthermore, you can safely drop collision or comprehensive coverage after the car’s value becomes relatively low.

New York doesn’t collect a value-based property tax, but motorists must pay this annual fee in many states. Drivers spend significantly smaller amounts when they avoid new cars. Connecticut, Rhode Island and Virginia charge some of the larger fees.


You can reduce emissions by forgoing a new vehicle. A pre-owned luxury car has already been manufactured and delivered to a dealership. This process generates about one-eighth to one-third of its environmental impact.


Many drivers appreciate the “new car smell,” but they don’t recognize its harmful effects. This odor comes from gases released by new plastic and upholstery. Some motorists experience nausea or headaches, and these gases may even contribute to the development of cancer.


A used vehicle has a longer track record. You can conduct research and discover how well it has performed in the long run. Owners of older cars also face fewer recalls.

  • More online reviews available
  • Autos must pass the test of time
  • Avoid first-year design flaws


You’ll benefit from a wider range of choices when you look at pre-owned cars. They include previous editions as well as high-end vehicles from discontinued brands. Beverly Hills Auto Group offers an assortment of used BMW and Audi models in New York City.

To sum it up, used luxury cars aren’t only less expensive to buy and own. They also give you an opportunity to test-drive the most dependable and well-designed autos of the past decade.



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