The Finer Points of Tasting Whiskey


Who doesn’t like the perfectly strong, perfectly sizzling taste of whiskey? You might get hooked to vodka or cosmopolitan or even the all-time favourite of crowds, the Long Island Tea, but the fact remains that these might give you an instant high or a strong kick, they do little to soothe the craving of your taste buds for a rich flavor. You might have heard a lot about wine tasting and beer tasting as well, however, whisky tastings are unfortunately, not quite popular. A reason for this might be the apprehension that people usually have for tasting spirits directly, without any mixers. Surely, that would sound as a tough task and you probably need to acquire a taste for it. Let us go through some of the basic pointers which you must keep in mind so as to understand how you should go about the whole enticing venture of whisky tasting.

  1. Know Your Drink Well

What fun is it to taste something and not even know what it actually is? If you do not know exactly as to which drink are you drinking, then you may clearly ask the bartender or plainly check the bottle. You need not be a connoisseur when it comes to knowing your drink but a little bit of knowledge can take you places! For instances, if you are drinking a bourbon then knowing how it is made and what does it consist of can be of great help. The ingredients may help in conjuring up tastes such as sugary or burnt, preparing your tongue for the blast of flavours that your mouth awaits.

  1. Nose Is An Important Organ

Now, people, let us get this straight. You do not simply taste your whiskey in a vacuum. Your nose is as important as your tongue. You must smell your spirit or as it is called, “nose” the spirit before you get lost in the gorgeous texture of your whiskey. But make sure that you do not go overboard with it and do not inhale deeply. It might give bitter burning sensations to your mouth, completely ruining your whiskey tasting session. Just place your nose into the glass in such a way that it is right beneath the rim. Nose it slowly and enjoy the richness of the whiskey tasting session to its full.

  1. Exhale!

Now that you have inhaled (though not deeply) your whiskey, let us talk about the exhaling part. The first exhale that you make after swallowing the drink is a very important point in the whole whiskey tasting scenario. When the drink is down in your stomach and not gracing your mouth, chances are high that you would get some additional flavours. Make note of the length of the finish. Another aspect to dwell upon would be whether it lingers or is short.

  1. Test the Water

You might have already heard about the “opening up” of spirits. Many distillers argue that spirits, and even gin, vodka, rum or tequila tend to open up once a little amount of water is added to it. However, you need to keep in mind the amount of water you must add to get more and more flavours out of your whiskey. For instance, a 1 ounce pour would require just a tiny addition of 1 or 2 drops of water. Too much of it would simply dilute the drink, making the whole experience of drinking spirits without mixers fall flat. Do try tasting whiskey with and without water and note the changes in both the experiences.

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