Breathable crib mattress is one of the best types of mattress that you can choose for your baby. It is specially made keeping in mind a baby’s sleep position. It makes sure that your baby can comfortably breathe even when she’s lying or sleeping on her stomach. Many cases of SIDS have come across which has something or the other to do with the mattresses. To ensure maximum safety for your baby, get a good quality breathable crib mattress. Before you could choose which mattress to buy, you must be aware about what features in a mattress make them worth buying.


The following are some of the features that you must make sure that your breathable crib mattress has in order to be of good quality. The features are explained in detail after considering and going through many breathable crib mattress reviews.

Fully breathable sleep surface

The main feature of the breathable crib mattress is that the surface where the baby would sleep is completely breathable. This ensures that even if the baby sometimes sleeps on her stomach, she can easily breathe through the mattress surface. This is also the core purpose of a breathable crib mattress.

Prevents rebreathing of toxic gases and CO2

We exhale Carbon dioxide through our respiration, when a baby exhales and there is no way for it to leave the mattress, it can cause problems. It would further lead to rebreathing of the same gases which is potentially harmful. Moreover, the gases can also react with the chemical substances present in the mattress and prove more toxic for the baby. The breathable crib mattress is designed for air to reflow so that it prevents the baby from rebreathing of toxic gases and CO2.

Prevents baby’s body overheating

As we know the breathable crib mattress is equipped with a structure and materials that enable proper air flow throughout the mattress. With this mattress in place, it helps to keep the baby’s body from overheating.

Prevents bacteria build up

The filling used to make this breathable crib mattress ensures that no kind of bacteria or germs may build up in or around the mattress. This also means that it will keep away the dust mites that are harmful for the baby and is usually linked with baby eczema and asthma. The materials used to make these mattresses are organic and natural which prevents bacteria from building up.

Completely machine washable

This is a great feature that parents would love as it means ease of washing. The mattress covers are completely 100% machine washable so washing them stays hassle free. When you wash them frequently you also make sure that germs and bacteria don’t build up which makes for a healthier mattress. This is also something mentioned in most of the breathable crib mattress reviews as a must have feature.

Hassle free carrying

When you need to carry the breathable crib mattress from one place to another it is completely hassle free. While other mattresses are concerned, it is indeed very difficult to move them from one place to another. These mattresses can be easily carried as you can disassemble them and pack them separately in a bag which is very convenient to carry. While travelling with a baby, this comes in really handy that you can pack them separately.

Comfortable, supportive and firm mattress

The breathable crib mattress is extremely comfortable for your baby to sleep. It provides great support to your baby’s body as she moves while she sleeps. The mattress is also firm which ensures that your baby is safe from Plagiocephaly, which is also known as flat head syndrome. A baby’s skull is soft and with a flexible mattress there is a high chance that the skull can form deformities. Which is why the breathable crib mattresses ensure that your baby stays safe in a comfortable, supportive and a firm mattress?

These are the features that you must make sure that your breathable crib mattress has. The features are compiled using the best breathable crib mattress reviews that we know. It will definitely help you take a better decision on which mattress you must buy for your baby.