Factors to Consider When Starting a Cyber-Cafe


With the modern technology, Internet has become very popular and important in the lives of people both in towns and rural areas. This is because it has made communication easier through different social media platforms. Despite the fact that laptops and wireless internet modems are very cheap and affordable a good number of people are still trooping into cyber. Below are factors that you should consider when starting a cyber café.

  1. Internet quality – Before installing any internet in your cyber you need to consider how fast the internet is, how reliable and whether it is within the market rates. A fast and reliable network will give the best user experience and it will attract and retain many customers
  2. Number of Computers – This will be advised by the space available and the capital to be applied. If the space available is big you can consider bringing in many machines and if space is small you will have no option but to put in place few computers. On the other hand, if you have enough capital you can consider starting a big cyber but if you are constrained a small cyber will be ideal.
  3. Type of furniture – Quality of furniture may also determine how much time a client will spend in your cyber. Comfortable seats and tables will make a client spend more time as opposed to uncomfortable seats. It is therefore important that you ensure there is comfortable furniture for the clients.
  4. Server – When putting up a server you should consider the number of machines that need to be connected to the server.  If you are considering having many computers a bigger server is ideal to avoid downtime that can lead to loss of clients.
  5. Computer Model – When selecting the machine you need to consider hardware and software characteristic. This will require you to look at the properties of a hard disk, RAM, floppy drive, processor etc. For the best processor look for Pentium G4600.
  6. Other services – It is important that you diversify your business because in any business there is always some peak time and off-peak time. So when you diversify you will be guaranteed of income flow throughout since when it is the off-peak time for one business it is peak time for the other. Some of the businesses that can be combined with a cyber café include; Photocopying, Printing, Instant Passport, Video games, Mobile money, Computer training etc.
  7. Location – Physical location is very important for any kind of business. In our case, a cyber café should be located in an area where there is high traffic of scholars and professionals.
  8. Licenses – It is important to ensure that you are operating legally and by doing so you need to acquire a license to operate from the relevant authorities.
  9. How much to invest and how much to expect – When planning for any kind of business that is profit making you need to undertake cost-benefit analysis so as to identify if the business is viable or not

If you put all those factors into consideration before you put up your cyber café you can be sure that your business will do well and will break even very easily.



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