Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says Dislike Button Is a Bad Idea



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just isn’t in favor of the so much-requested ‘Dislike’ button.

Based on a query all over his 2nd Q&A session on Thursday at Menlo Park, Zuckerberg talked about that the hate button is not a good suggestion and Facebook isn’t engaged on the sort of factor.

“Some other people have requested for a dislike button past than [..] They want to be able to say that an element isn’t very good and that is the reason the explanation now not one thing that we think is superb for the field. So we’re no longer going to build that. I don’t feel there should be a balloting mechanism on Facebook whether or not posts are good or unhealthy. I do not assume that’s socially very treasured or excellent for the nearby,” stated Zuckerberg.

On the other hand one thing that he in particular mentioned was that Facebook fascinated about various how you can express feelings, apart from the existing and most effective Like button. For instance – the Like choice for the death of pal or an unlucky incident seems inappropriate.

“We’ve been fascinated by it for relatively a while [..] What’s recommendations on tips on how to make it so people can merely explicit a broader vary of thoughts, to empathize. Or to specific shock or laughter or any of these things. Which you can at all times merely remark. However there could also be one thing that is so easy regarding the like button [..] I feel giving folks the ability to do that in extra strategies with extra feelings may be highly effective. Then again we need to figure out do it so it finally ends up being a force for excellent and now not a pressure for dangerous and demeaning the posts that persons are placing out there.”

Facebook had offered the 2nd Q&A session once more at the end of closing month, and asked buyers on the devoted Q&A with Mark web page to put up questions. Apart from the rationale for the continuing absence of the detest button, a number of completely different questions had been answered with the aid of Zuckerberg on the Q&A, the place he additionally took questions from users on the adventure.


The main Q&A saw Zuckerberg answering some attention-grabbing questions, from why the standalone Messenger app was compelled on customers for chats, to why he wears the identical shirt daily. Zuckerberg also eventually expressed his opinion on The Social network film, which had controversially pictured the events around the advent, founding and preliminary success of the agency.