Facebook’s Menlo Park Headquarters Evacuated After Bomb Threat

Facebook's Menlo Park Headquarters Evacuated After Bomb Threat

A bomb threat prompted Police on Tuesday to evacuate a building in the Silicon Valley headquarters of Facebook Close San Francisco, Authorities said, but hours Following a sweep of This Construction Started there was no Term of explosives Discovered.

Acker said the evacuation was restricted to some three-story centre on campus which she said wasn’t the headquarters building, but a company spokesman stated by email that”several” buildings around the site was evacuated.

Shortly before 8pm, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad researchers with dogs trained to detect explosives were combing the construction in question along with also the evacuation remained in effect, Acker told Reuters by phone.

However, Facebook and authorities said everybody was secure. Acker stated she’d received no advice of anything suspicious with been discovered within the building.

“That is what we do to almost any bomb threat. We must be very comprehensive,” she added.

Another Silicon Valley firm to face a security threat in yesteryear has been YouTube.


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