Epic Games Explains Why Fortnite Doesn’t Have Favorable Fire Popular shooter Fortnite removed friendly fire.


This feature permits users to shoot their own group mates. While present in the game originally, it had been removed to fight alpha toxicity Fortnite developer Epic Games said. Many Fortnite players claim that they were killed by their teammates for their gear or just to troll. Epic Games Explains Why Fortnite Doesn’t Have Friendly Fire“We needed a different kind of game with much more explosive weapons, with faster action that had come earlier too. The original decision to turn off it was just an experiment. ‘Let us turn this off, see if it is negative. ”’

The Fortnite team in Epic Games believed that if the general community response to removing friendly fire was negative, it’d bring it back. However, if fans were fine with the move, it could be pulled out of the game entirely.

“We’d notions about what could be impacted by [spinning friendly fire] off and on, but you may look at things such as, ‘Can people play more field games? ‘Were they playing with friends? ‘Was the amount of deaths going down or up? “How do you tell what is a overall team kill? Another issue with team killing is the player thinks it is genuine, but it is accidental. It isn’t important if they were, however, since the psychological impact still conveys.

“If you think someone did something on purpose, it is irrelevant if it was casual. It impacts your expertise.”

Having an abysmal player base due to Fortnite iOS, other issues have cropped up such as server outages. How Epic handles these concerns in the weeks ahead will be interesting to see. Are you currently playing Fortnite? What do you think of the game? Tell us in the comments.


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