EaseUS data recovery software


Many times in our daily life we come across some situations where we loose many of our important documents from our devices which can really create big problems for us and this is the time or situation when we think of a software which can help us to recover our lost data at any cost, but today I will highlight a most popular data recovery software which ensures you a 100 percent accurate results and is totally free of cost and the name of that software is “EaseUS”, this amazing software can not only recover lost data’s but with the help of this software you can also recover your lost images, videos, and much more important stuffs. Among so many cool recovery operations performed by this amazing and cool software today in this post we will highlight two outstanding operations performed by this software and they are “memory card recovery software” and “photo recovery software free download”.

The software is very much flexible just like its name EaseUS and it works accurately as your search results can be filtered according to the file name, size of the file, data type and you can also preview the quality of the recovered file before you decide to accept the recovered file.

Memory card recovery software

While performing several tasks on our handsets several times by mistake we format our memory card which may contain many important images, videos, or files and when we loose them we feel very much irritated and that time EaseUS comes into play.
You can easily recover your lost data from memory card with the help of Memory card recovery softwarewith the help of few mentioned steps.

  • Install the software and launch it and among the three modules available for the ease select “Complete Recovery” module.
  • Select the respective file or data that you want to recover and then select the volume and then the program will automatically scan the selected volume.
  • Now the only thing that you need to do is select the file or data on your card that you want to recover and before saving it again you can also preview the quality of the recovered file.

Photo recovery software free download

We capture some of the happy and memorable moments of our life as a photograph in our mobile phones or camera and due to mishandling or unwanted format the photos get erased from the respective systems which can make you feel sad, but EaseUS is that one software which can easily recover those lost photos for you and the cost for this is “Zero”, yes that is it is absolutely free of cost.

But in order to perform this operation you need to download this Photo recovery software free download which can recover or restore your photos on your cameras or mobile phones.


Now when you are aware of such amazing recovery software “EaseUS” you can easily recover your lost data’s, files, photos and many more important documents which can pause your daily routine life unnecessarily.

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