EaseUS Data Recovery Software: To The Rescue For Lost Data


Nothing can be more damaging than losing all your data in your system. Because of data loss, one can face several problems in recovering the data back.  EASEUS Data Recovery software d is data recovery software with endless features that help you in easy and speedy recovery of data.

There are times when data is accidentally deleted by you, and then to restore that data becomes a big problem. Even if you have by mistake deleted a partition in your system, EaseUS software can help you in restoring it.

Many a times it happens that while recovering the data you will have to create an image of the disk or also create a copy of the drive that was corrupted.In that case, instead of working with the real, original drive, you have to work with the image. Once you start working with the image, then you can’t even accidentally damage or corrupt your important data in the drive.

The full names of the files are displayed in the system once EaseUS data recovery software has located the files in your system. The files can be searched by entering their names in the search tab.

EaseUS Data Recovery software can help you in recovering almost 2GB of data and that too for free of cost.

It provides a complete solution for loss of data problems even if you have deleted the files from the recycle bin; the system is corrupted by virus or due to formatting of the hard disk.


Why EaseUS Data Recovery software?

  • Restores lost data like your word/excel documents, pictures, audio/video files or compressed documents.
  • Recovers data deleted from the recycle bin
  • Helps in recovering data that is deleted due to formatting, virus infections or any system errors
  • Recovers data form desktop computers, storage devices, hard disks, laptops
  • Recovers compressed, hidden data
  • Assists the users with up gradations and technical system support throughout

Safe and Easy to Use

One of the most important concerns is how to recover deleted files from recycle bin. EaseUS Data Recovery software is very user friendly software. It is very interactive in nature and by following simple steps, explained in the user guide that is available on the official website of EaseUS; you can easily recover your data. It is completely safe and doesn’t damage/harm your system or its data in any way.

Many a time we feel that if the data is deleted from the recycle bin, then it is deleted permanently, even the windows displays the same message. But the data is not destroyed immediately. With the right recovery data tool you can restore data from recycle bin.

In a similar way restore deleted files a possibility because of data remenance. Data remenance refers to the existence of the data even after it is deleted from the hard drive. Data restoring wizard can be used to restore the deleted files. There is also data recovery software that greatly help you in restoring the data back, that was lost due to deletion even from the recycle bin.


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