DoT Plans to Auction 3G Spectrum in February


people_taking_pics_with_mobile_reuters.jpgDoT Plans to Auction 3G Spectrum

As the federal government plans to conduct 3G spectrum public sale along with 2G radio waves sale in February, it has requested telecom regulator Trai to expedite the base worth suggestions for it.

“Dot requested Trai to expedite the process for its tips about the reserve value of 2100mhz band and related considerations so that the public sale of spectrum in this band could be carried out together with the auction of spectrum within the 800/900/1800mhz bands scheduled in February 2015,” Trai said.

In the consultation paper released on Tuesday for valuation and reserve value of spectrum in 2100mhz band, used for 3G services and products, the regulator has said that the department of Telecom is in talks with the Defence Ministry for the vacation of the band and there are three possible scenarios below deliberation.

In case one, if no spectrum is released with the aid of the Defence, then auction cannot be conducted on this band. The 2nd state of affairs is that it releases 5mhz in 17 circles, in that case one block of 5mhz spectrum will probably be on hand for public sale in 17 circles.

The 0.33 state of affairs can be the Defence swapping 2100mhz spectrum with 1900mhz. In that case, along with 5mhz spectrum in 17 circles, it’ll unlock 15mhz on pan-India basis by using swapping 2100mhz spectrum with 1900mhz.

DoT Plans to Auction 3G Spectrum in February, Says Trai

Telecom corporations in addition to the regulator have been of the view that the public sale should take place simplest when enough spectrum is made available, and the bidding must be held concurrently for both the products and services – 2G and 3G.

Defence had launched 20mhz out of 25mhz in 2100mhz band allocated to dot below the settlement with Defence on a pan-India foundation and another block of 5mhz in 5 circles, which used to be auctioned in 2010.

Underneath the agreement with dot, the remaining spectrum is to be vacated simplest after the alternate verbal exchange community is finished.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India said stakeholders can send their comments regarding 2100mhz band auction via December 15 and counter-comments through December 19.

Trai has prior reiterated its suggestions for 900 and 1800mhz bands whereas it has increased the bottom value by 15 % for 800mhz band.

The dot had dispatched again Trai’s recommendations on 800, 900 and 1800mhz bands for reconsidering some points.

The next round of spectrum auction is proposed to be held in February and the government is estimated to garner at least Rs. 9,355 crores from sale of radio waves.

As per estimates, public sale of spectrum in 2100mhz band in February can fetch bids worth at the least Rs. 5,000 crores.