Distance BCA and Career Opportunities


The field of information technology (IT) has undergone a tremendous boom since the turn of the century, and there have been no signs of it stopping just yet. Computers and software has created a niche for itself in the economy, with all major sectors becoming increasingly dependent on technology. With this unparalleled rise, the IT sector has created more job opportunities compared to other fields. With the right degree, a high-earning IT job is no longer out of reach.

Why Study Distance BCA?

Bachelor of Computer Applications, or BCA, is a course that has also undergone a drastic makeover in the recent years. BCA is a 3-year course on computer and software, covering all the major areas a graduate must know in order to hit the ground running. Many topics, ranging from programming to soft skills and interpersonal relations, are touched in BCA, resulting in the formation of well-rounded graduates. In recent years, companies have started to prefer BCA graduates over engineering graduates, citing that both sets of students can carry out the same tasks even though the BCA course is shorter by a year. Consequently, the demand for BCA has been on the rise, particularly due to the availability of BCA Distance Education Courses.

Distance education in India is increasing in popularity, primarily due to the flexibility associated with it. Meant to cater to the needs of working professionals, distance-education courses let them earn a college degree without having to compromise on their careers. BCA correspondence courses therefore help the students switch to the field of IT with a college degree, without having to study full-time for the duration of the course.

Career Opportunities with a BCA Degree

The usage of computers has transcended boundaries, spreading into all fields ranging from medicine to education. In this situation, it comes as no surprise that BCA degree holders are in high demand, with a host of career opportunities opening upon graduation. Apart from the large number of MNCs and IT companies that are keen to hire fresh graduates, BCA degree holders also have the option of becoming freelancers if interested. Some students opt to couple a few certificate courses with their degree, such as CCNA, MCSE, and so forth, which generally help them get challenging and high-paying jobs. Pursuing higher studies is another option; some postgraduates opt to go into computer research and teaching jobs at the completion of their degree.

Getting a BCA distance-learning degree is sure to help anybody make the transition into a successful professional career in the field of computers. The demand for legitimate degree holders is on the rise, and it would be a wise decision to cash in as the opportunity presents itself.



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