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If you ever wonder how to discover what is the hosting company behind one of your competitor’s websites, this article will present you a free tool that will use a reverse DNS lookup to identify this information for you online.

Hosting Pilot is a free online service that you can use to identify the hosting company behind any domain name or website. It uses a simple reverse DNS lookup to get some basic information about the domain and website. Having this information you can easily discover who is hosting that website.

It is not only useful to dig into your competitor’s’ website but also if you want to know what hosting company was able to serve any particular amount of traffic. This is actually one of the reasons why someone would be interested to know what is the hosting company used for a particular website. The reasoning behind this is that if a hosting provider of a top website or blog in my same niche can handle such level of traffic and provide an awesome uptime then I really want to consider migrating my sites to that hosting.

There are other alternatives to get the information on a hosting company serving any particular website. For instance, running a dig command in Linux you can test or check DNS and guess the company name from the output (actually the information should be inferred from the nameserver domains, for example, if the output says then we can infer it is hosted at A2Hosting, read A2Hosting hosting opinion here).

HostingPilot can also be used as a hosting guide if you are looking for a reliable hosting company to host your websites and get a presence online. It includes reviews of some of the top hosting companies available in the market. While most of the hosting companies out there offer almost the same services (the purpose of hosting a website online), each company is different. Services and companies can differ in the uptime & service level agreements, the quality of their support center, the features or even the payment methods accepted. While some companies accept major debit and credit cards, other companies in the market also accept PayPal or even BitCoins.

Ever wondered what hosting company is hosting a particular website? can be a good starting point to help you to get the hosting company name behind any particular website or domain.



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