Compact Flashcard – Faster Speeds, More Storage


Compact Flash Cards are mass memory storage devices used to store and transfer data. They were first developed by SanDisk in 1994 and have revolutionized the storage device industry.

The biggest advantages of Compact Flash Cards are that they can save very huge amounts of data and also allows a very high data transfer rate. The best Compact Flash Cards available in the market from SanDisk deliver up to 160 MB/s! These are very high speeds of data transfer and can be extremely usable if you deal with editing of audio / video as maximum amount of data transfer needs to happen in a very short time. Compact Flash Cards also do not use much power unlike Compact Discs, which required some power to function in your computers.

Compact Flash Cards use non-volatile and solid state memory which makes it very convenient to flash new data. It is so convenient that it takes a very short period of time to remove all the unwanted data and flash new and necessary data into the device. Even though this is of very great advantage, human error may occur and sometimes-necessary data might be deleted. However, even in such situation the user does not have to worry because various cf data recovery services are available which can be used to retrieve your data.

When it comes to memory storage space, this is where Compact Flash Cards truly revolutionized the industry by providing the option to store huge amounts of data in such a tiny device! The best companies in the market produce Compact Flash Cards with storage capacity that varies from about 128 MB to up to 64 GB! This w as a big blessing for everyone out there who had to transfer and carry around huge amounts of data. The best part of Compact Flash Cards is that you can carry around multiple such devices with you at the same time as they do not weight much nor do they occupy a lot of space. They can even be kept in your wallet! Comparing Compact Flash Cards to Hard Disks, Hard Disks may provide the option to store much more data however the size is much bigger than that of a Compact Flash Card which makes carrying it around a bigger problem. Also comes the shock factor. Compact Flash Cards are shock proof and will not be damaged on impact or if they fall down. However, same is not the case with Hard Disks as they might get destroyed or lose data on impact or when there is a shock which makes Compact Flash Cards a better option to use yet again.


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