Choupette Lagerfeld Monster


Choupette Lagerfeld Is Now a Monster


Our jealousy of Karl Lagerfeld’s very famous kitty, Choupette, has been smartly-documented. Apart from having her own entourage, residing throughout the worlds of Chanel and Fendi, and eating with the Kaiser himself, the little Persian also happens to be ridiculously fluffy and absolutely lovely.

Prepared to look a cartoonishly darker side of fashion’s most famed cat? Lagerfeld has reimagined his pet as “Monster Choupette” for his signature label. Wwdreports that the fanged, red-eyed motif will appear on a capsule line of accessories—including handbags, t-shirts, and shoes—set to hit retailers in November.

Monster Choupette  Lagerfeld   Karl Lagerfeld Accessories   Elle

Whereas this terrifying picture for sure conflicts with Lagerfeld’s vocal adoration for his kitty, we know he’s simply being playful. And along with scooping up a Monster Choupette-emblazoned sweatshirt in a couple of months, we are going to gladly add “luxurious accessories” and “alter-ego” to the laundry record of evidence that Choupette Lagerfeld is winning at cat existence.