Why you should Choose MotoCMS over other Website Builders


The first thing we all search in a website builder is whether it has adequate functionality, optimized pricing, and high workability. Considering these three factors in mind, a well-programmed website builder has been developed in the recent times, which can let you design a website that is way beyond your imagination with top notch quality, meeting all the necessities. Yes, we are talking about MotoCMS, the website builder with a large domain of customers who have been updated this year as an almost new builder. Here’s a brief and regal review that will make you give a thought about it:


  • Workability: The interface has been improved for easy navigation and user-friendliness in a way that even the unskilled clients and the beginners can access the admin panel with ease with the same antique WYSIWYG, drag and drop buttons. Best part? The builder comes with tips in the pop-ups as steps of guidance in building a website or editing it.
  • Flexibility: MotoCMS 3 (The updated version) has an excellent set of goodies that weren’t present in the previous versions. One among them is the mobile friendliness and the adaptability of mobile devices. As most of us are now surfing using mobile devices, this feature is a great additive towards the existing features like E-Commerce Plugin, Media library, Default SEO Features, Text Styles, Color Pickers and Social Media.
  • Designs: The two types of designs that are available in MotoCMS 3 version are:
  • HTML
  • MotoCMS 3 (Responsive)You can choose the type of template you want from the ocean and simply apply it to your website based on the purpose.
  • Customer Support: The support center is given a simple motto that customer satisfaction is the primary priority. Therefore, you won’t be able to find a single client unsatisfied as the support are always available on the call or through the free live chat. Apart from that, one can go through the video tutorials, FAQs for other generic doubts regarding the building procedure.
  • Pricing: You can initially test the builder during the trial period by registering on it. Once you’re done with the trial, you can purchase either of the HTML or MotoCMS 3 templates which cost $139 and $199 respectively. The plugins and other features add up to this amount based on their prices.
  • White Label: This turns out to the best feature of MotoCMS as it offers what other builders can’t. One can get their brand name as a label for a very reasonable cost, through which you can add five different brand names to the templates that are already purchased.

Now that you have known the features, the only disadvantage of MotoCMS is that it still lacks a blogging platform which is full-fledged. Other than that, it is a great builder for simple and small business, especially which gives an end product equivalent to that of a professional’s.


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