5 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes


If you recently bought a carpet, you probably think it’s going to be very easy to clean and maintain. But, this is a huge misconception. Caring for a carpet can actually be a tiring task. There are particular methods and materials you should use when cleaning the carpet in order to increase its longevity. Listed below are a few mistakes you should definitely avoid when it comes to cleaning your carpet-

  1. Not cleaning spilled things immediately- you should know that the longer a spill remains in the carpet and dries, the harder it is going to be to take it off later. Because a carpet has so many layers, liquids tend to seep and settle all the way at the bottom. If this is left unattended for very long, your carpet can start to smell and worse still, result in the growth of mould. Additionally, the stain can start to discolour your carpet and cause the fibres to start coming off. In order to avoid these issues, clean the spill as much as possible and as soon as it happens.
  2. Using too much water or cleaning products- carpets are thick and take a while to soak up cleaning products and water. But, in some cases, they may become so soaked that it takes really long to dry. If something like this happens, the best solution is to use a steam cleaner to dry the carpet. Letting water and/or cleaning products stay in the carpet for very long can cause similar problems to leaving a spill in the carpet for too long. Mould can develop and your carpet will start to smell. If the cleaning products you use are too strong, the fibres can corrode and the colours of the carpet can fade.
  3. Scrubbing stains out- if you drop a liquid that is bound to leave a stain in your carpet, rubbing it out could be the worst thing to do. Instead, using a tissue or soft cloth to blot the stain from the carpet and wait for it to dry. After this, use a stain remover to clean it. Scrubbing the carpet can cause the fibres to come out and you may accidentally discolour parts of the carpet.
  4. Cleaning too often- it is not necessary to clean your carpet as many times as you think. Talking to your carpet dealer will give you a fair idea of how many times it needs to be cleaned. Overuse of chemical cleaning products can cause several of the issues mentioned above for example, colour fading and fibres falling off
  5. Cleaning on your own only- while you may think you are capable of cleaning your carpet by yourself, it is often a better idea to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job for you. While you may incur extra costs by employing a cleaning service, it is better for your carpet in the long run and increases its longevity. You should especially consider hiring such a company in the case of stains or serious damage caused to your carpet made by young children or pets.

The tips in this article have hopefully given you an idea as to what to and what not to do when it comes to caring for your carpet. While it is not as easy as you may think it is, it can be made easier by hiring a professional cleaning service who will take the job off your hands and make your life easier.


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