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Driving is passion or profession for many people in the world. However, the place of entertainment is not vacant in cars as well. People need some source of entertainment to break the monotonous journey sometimes. The best way to do it is a Car DVD Player. Car DVD Players are different from the tradition ones. These are built with special and targeted features. However, from many you can choose the best J-2612MX Universal Fixed Panel Car GPS DVD Player from


As the name suggests, it is equipped with GPS device and has a Universal Fixed Panel of 6.2 inches with full touch support. The device supports Windows CE 6.0 OS and has Phone Record and option for searching Phone’s Bluetooth. You can play media with 1080p quality while travelling. It is an easy to use device and supports SD Card and USB 2.0. It is also featured with backing up transfer system that allow you not to wait for the entire system to start up. It is also featured with Wheel Control and needs any button to start.

The device has 24 bit LCD Screen. However, the best part of it is that the feature of customization. You can feel free to change the UI characteristics of the device at any point of time. There is also added calendar functionality that can come very handy. You can also use the device for calculator purpose. It is featured with 128 MB internal memory and 256 MB RAM that is enough for playing only videos. It also supports wide range of video formats including MPG, MPEG and MP4. The Car DVD Player has also got built in amplifier that can provide high quality sound while watching something. The device is compatible with most of the GPS Software in the market. This is also beautiful and compact in design and portable in nature.


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