Blogging: Overcoming Your Dilemma With 7 Easy Tips


7 Easy Blogging Tips

Who knew blogging was this difficult? Yep you’ve seen others doing it and advising that they make thousands of dollars a week and so can you. They’ll even provide a blueprint to their blogging success for a one time low payment of $9.99, an offer which oftentimes seems too great to pass on. You’ve seen colleagues in your network pulling out all the stops with awesome daily blog posts. You’re tired of the horrid commute and welcome the era of being your own boss so you think why not give blogging a whirl?

After a couple of months the enormity of the task becomes too much to bear, no subscribers, no unique visitors and you quickly become disillusioned. In creeps a case of acute ‘blogngitis’; for those of you have been fortunate never to be diagnosed with the ailment it is blogging laryngitis, one literally loses their blogging voice. Your blog sits catching dust and cobwebs while you rationalize your inactivity by assuring yourself that you are attending to matters of more strategic concern.

Before you decide that those hosting and domain renewal fees could be put to much better use, than prolonging your blogging angst, consider these 7 simple and proven tips to reinvigorate your blog and make it ROCK in 2011.

  1. Explore A New Look Blogging

Go ahead spruce up your home base. You are probably tired of looking at that blog design you’ve had for a tad bit too long. The font and functionality is outdated and you have to admit that it could be loads more user friendly. Take a look at your blog critically, is it outdated? Is it difficult to navigate? Hmmm maybe it is time for a redesign. Hire a designer if this doesn’t fall into your realm of expertise or if you have the know-how go ahead and rock that D.I.Y. It’s just like throwing a party; when you are having friends over don’t you always tidy-up? I sure do. BTW check out our blog redesign, would love to hear your thoughts.

  1. Go On Make New Friends For Blogging

Have you fallen off that well-trodden track of blog networking? Have you stopped guest posting, commenting and being active in blog communities. Blogging provides the opportunity to network with persons from all over the world, in different niches, with various personalities, abilities and outlooks on life. The insight which they can bring to your network is phenomenal. Go ahead and go buck wild in the areas of guest posting and commenting. Tackle big, medium and small blogs, blogs in your niche and those which are as far as possible off your topic, after all variety is the spice of life so don’t limit yourself. A combination of being seen and contributing to both popular and mid-size blogs will do wonders for your  sure to network, form alliances and friendships with others who wish to achieve similar goals as yourself. There are numerous blogging communities such as Blogfrog, Blogengage to name a couple.

  1. Blogging Must Have a Quality Message

What is the objective of your blog? Whether you are chatting about social media, travel, shopping or the Apollo Butterfly quality content is key. Your blog post doesn’t have to be 2000 words long, but if it is more power to you; just be sure to add value to the conversation. Check and double check your grammar if English isn’t your first language we ‘ll grant some lee- way but Microsoft Office makes it mucho easy to check you’re your grammar.

  1. It’s a Date To Blogging

Yep we’ve all read those blog posts which preach the need to post at least one article per day otherwise doom and gloom will befall one’s blog. I have loads of respect for those who can write daily blog posts and I have no less respect for those who can’t. If you can’t post daily no need for an anxiety attack, decide instead to post to your blog regularly and to a schedule. It can be once a week or twice a week on particular days, it’s like that standing date you have recurring in your ‘crackberry’, get in the routine and stick to it.

  1. Look For Inspiration, It’s all around

Who remembers the film “Love Actually” with Billy Mack repeatedly singing that phrase ‘Love/Christmas is all around us and so the feeling grows’ so is inspiration. Whether you are in the bar or the nightclub, at the movies or reading/watching the daily news or during your daily interaction with your fellow man/woman, at work or on holiday. There is always fodder for a blog article, we all need to simply be more vigilant, dot the I-s and cross our t-s and lock that stuff down.

  1. Following the viral blue print

Read the article The Viral Marketing Blueprint a couple of months ago and thought it was filled with loads of great information. Yes we may perform one or two of these tasks but how many of us ensure that we do each of these tasks for every single post. I bookmarked the article for future use and I would say the future is now. It’s quite detailed so go ahead and digest.

  1. It’s Got to be YOU Afterall

Just Be You…Embrace your personality fully in 2011. Your quirky nature, the way you say things differently, your humor or lack thereof and let it all be reflected in your writing style. There aren’t two of you out there unless you’ve got an identical twin so embrace your individuality.

I have recommitted myself to reinvigorating my blog using the tool the ’31 Day Blog Challenge’ from which I am learning so much. To all I wish you all the best in your blogging and other adventures and endeavours of 2011. Looking forward to reading your material, commenting, guest posting and connecting with you. Remember success is waiting on the otherside.

What will you do to build a better blog? Would love any additional advice.


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