Automobile Expo 2018: Maruti Suzuki Uses Google Assistant to Interact With Attendees


Maruti Suzuki announced its partnership with Google to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered voice Support for the attendees of Auto Expo 2018.Auto Expo 2018: Maruti Suzuki Uses Google Assistant to Interact With Attendees

As a result of the new alliance, Google Assistant will offer various information about the ongoing mega car show as well as detail regarding Maruti Suzuki display. Users with a Google Assistant-compatible apparatus will get responses to queries like “What are the timings of Vehicle Expo?” Or “Tell me highlights of Auto Expo?” From the virtual helper. The most recent partnership comes months after Google announced various Google Assistant optimizations especially targeted at Indian customers.

You can transform Google Assistant into an innovative Maruti Suzuki voice helper by stating “OK Google” or pressing the home button, followed by “Proceed to Maruti Suzuki”. You can ask follow-up questions such as “Set reminder for Swift Launch” or “Show live launching video of Concept Future S” also. Furthermore, the most recent development can be utilized to find out more about the Auto Expo. You can ask queries such as “Tell me highlights of Automobile Expo”, “Book Me a Pass For Auto Expo”, “How to reach Automobile Expo”, and “How to receive a free pass for Auto Expo”. Questions regarding non-Maruti Suzuki exhibitions at Auto Expo 2018 did not elicit a reply from Assistant, and just delivered search results.

It’s worth mentioning here that you want to get a smartphone operating Android Lollipop or after or an iPhone based on iOS 9.1 or over to go through the all-new voice assistance in Google Assistant.

At the Google for India event last December, Google announced certain optimisations on Google Assistant which were made mostly for Indian users. It highlighted more natural conversations and improved contextual answers on Google Assistant than previously. The company also lately partnered with Indian websites like BookMyShow, Myntra, HDFC, SBI, and Healthifyme to allow local users leverage the Actions on Google feature and interact with different providers by passing their own voice orders.

The Motor Show are reserved only for the media, and the Auto Expo 2018 date for the public opening of the Motor Show event is February 9. It will last until Wednesday, February 14. It will include two major events, namely The Motor Show and The Components Show. Auto Expo 2018 ticket costs start at Rs. 350, and timings of the occasion are 10am to 5pm.


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