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Author: Sambit Halder

Rhinoplasty – Five Things To Know Before Your “Nose Job”

Every face gas certain dimensions and proportion that should make the nose fit on it. Sometimes, the dimensions of the nose don’t fit well with the dimensions of the face. This is the reason why people opt for rhinoplasty. But exchanging your nose which doesn’t match the face with a prettier nose is not such a good idea if it still doesn’t fit the face well. Rhinoplasties are successful when the nose fits better on the face and looks better on it. This should be a nose that doesn’t make it obvious that you had a nose job and...

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The Pros and Cons of Using Shielded Network Cables

We are living in a world, where electronic devices have gained a lot of prominence in the recent decade. And, as a matter of fact, every electronic item, which is powered by electricity, by some way, emit electromagnetic energy, which are in the form of radio emissions, or in the frequency range of RF emissions. Since, the signals are in the range of AM/FM radio frequency range, these emissions can easily be caught with a RF signal detector. Now, the problem with these emissions is that, it causes other equipment’s in the nearby area to falter in the effects...

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Tips for a Honeymoon on a Cruise

Choosing the perfect destination for a honeymoon can be a very stressful decision to make. One unique option is to take a honeymoon cruise. This is ideal because you will be able to enjoy the comforts of a ship at sea, and allows you to enjoy the destination as well. This way, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the journey and the destination, making it the perfect trip. If you do decide on choosing a cruise, there are certain factors to consider before you make a booking. The first thing to do is to plan an itinerary. There...

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Best Gaming Keyboards in 2017

Choosing the best keyboard for your laptop or PC is not an easy task. It is actually a choice of personal preferences. And then, if you are looking for a best gaming keyboard – you are definitely spoiled for choice. One of the important aspects in a gaming keyboard would be the provision for mechanical switches, and enough of them. We list our top choices for the best budget gaming keyboards you can opt for. After paying attention to several requirements that you may have, we have zeroed on our top picks for the best gaming keyboards. #1. CORSAIR...

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Qualities to Look for In a Repair Expert of Phone Screen Damage

In the modern day, smartphone and computers have become a daily routine for us, mostly smartphone. As per the world statistics, about 3.2 billion people today, uses the smartphone or tablets, that is about half the world’s current population. Mobile phones and tables are no longer luxuries but necessities. Having said that, can you imagine how your day would go without a smartphone or a tablet in your hand? We cannot live a minute without these devices in our hand, can you imagine what will happen if suddenly you realize that there is something wrong with your smartphone or...

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