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From the last couple of days I’ve been seeing a new television commercial with the headline “The BAAP of all apps” featured by the well known Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor. I am damn sure that you have seen it also which is a yet another common android app. One day while discussing with my friend on the phone he asked me “Have you downloaded ASKME Android App or not?”. I answered “Is there any something particular with that app”. My friend on the phone said “Why don’t you try it yourself! Considering it will not make you feel regret”. So on his suggestion I downloaded the app. After using the program for only 10 minutes I merely was like “Superbbbb!!!”.


So now I’m writing About ASKME Android App review to share their features which i found while using this app.

Home Display

You will see a search screen with various alternatives upon opening the application. This display is the application’s home page. You access all the characteristics of program from this screen itself. Home display has three fields. First one is the area to enter place or the item you’re looking for. Second field is your locality. Application discovers your city automatically using the GPS of your phone. This is the point where the actual thing is enclosed in. Click on the search button and experience the broad reach of this program.


Search anything using ASKME

Upon clicking on the search button you may find a list of results related with your search query ( in case that it is accessible). Discover one thing attentively there, the display will be broken up into three columns. By default you’re in the “ASKME” column. This columns will reveal all the dealers, shops, and places related to your search query. Like I sought for “Laptop” then the app showed all the applicable dealers, stores, and positions related with the search term “Notebook”. Click on some of the search result for complete information for example contact info, user rating of that specific shop or dealer or place, their services and the description.


ASKME Classifieds

Second column is for the classifieds related to your search term. Individuals post advertisements for their products or services and that is what you’ll see there. Like other buying and selling programs for example OLX and Quikr, you’ll see ads posted by people. Assess this column for cheapest prices on the products linked to your search term.


Third column on the search page is for the best deals linked to the search term you typed on the home screen. They’ve a variety of coupons & deals. These prices varies from place to place and updates it often. You should check them so that you don’t overlook the opportunity to buy something on its lowest rate.

Post an Ad on ASKME

Participate with thousands of individuals who are eagerly waiting to buy something best in their budget. You can post an advertisement using this program. This app also works as a buying & selling app same as Quikr and OLX, as I mentioned above. Post an ad at no cost. Fill in your advertising class, details and contact details and simply click on Post Advertisement button.

Post a Price on ASKME

“Sharing is Caring”, the most heard saying of this time. So it’s time to quit being selfish and share your stuff with others. Let them appreciate what you’ve got. If you’ve got any particular deal, anything else which can bring small profit to the consumers or discount coupon then make effective use of this app. Post a deal by filling in your information associated with the deal itself and contact info too.

ASKME Bazaar- The Largest Online Retail Store

Typically the most popular feature that makes this app stand from the bunch is “ASKME Bazaar”. Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. (vendor of this app) have their own online retail store. Shop here online to anything. From footwear to cellular telephones, clothing to home appliances, gadgets to accessories, they have everything. Check the deals consistently. You can use discount coupons also.

Final Verdict:

If they call themselves as the BAAP of all apps then surely they’re not wrong due to the wide variety of features packaged in a single app. We can not call this program perfect as it is been just few days when it is established on the internet however, Still they are giving us more than enough in one app. Versatility and speed are the two most tempting features of this program. Everyone should try this app at least one time. As my friend said “You will not repent”

Download AskMe App from Google Play Store now.

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