Apple may put an end to the iPhone 5c


Apple may put an end to the iPhone 5c: report

iPhone 5c

A brand new report claims that 2015 will be the end of the highway for Apple’s colourful handset – the iphone 5c.

In keeping with Taiwan’s Industrial and business occasions‘ file, spotted and translated by usingmacrumors, the iphone 5C is going to be phased out over the summer. Currently Apple’s most reasonably priced handset, the iphone 5C was launched in 2013 as a multi-coloured plastic counterpart to the iPhone 5S and has slowly grown in reputation, in particular amongst younger smartphone owners.

The iphone 5c has reportedly failed to attract numerous buyers, when put next with its more top class handsets such as the iphone 5s and the iphone 6 fashions. Even supposing it’s nonetheless an excellent handset with regards to pace, show, camera function and 4G/LTE connectivity, it’s lacking in 2 important areas: it handiest has 8GB of space on board for apps, and it doesn’t have a slightly identification fingerprint scanner so it may reinforce Apple’s Apple Pay digital wallet.

Apple may put an end to the iPhone 5c: report

All of this could also imply that a new, equally colorful iphone 6C may smartly be within the 2015 product pipeline.

In addition to the entry-level iphone, subsequent year is also potentially the final that the iPad Mini will see. Trade whispers suggest that the smaller tablet’s days are numbered now that Apple offers a phablet within the form of the 5.5-inch show iphone 6 Plus.