All You Need To Know About WordPress- The Best Blogging Platform


WordPress was launched in 2003 to the world; it was created to be used as simple blogging software. Now, that has changed tremendously. About 23.8% of all the websites in the world and 54.8% of the most successful sites were powered by WordPress. So, why and how has the software become so popular?

The Top 5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Software for SEO and Blogging:

· User-Friendly WordPress:

One of the important reasons why WordPress is gaining popularity is how user-friendly it is. As an end user, you will really like to use WordPress for your Search Engine Optimization because of the fact that everything SEO related can get edited from the back end of the website. This is great as you do not necessarily have to keep up to date with all the trendiest SEO trends and practices as it will help you to guide and point you in the right path that means you can spend more and more quality time worrying about running your business and less worrying about your SEO.

Wordpress Hosting

· Separation Of Design And Content:

This is the reason why both novices and professionals like to use WordPress. The separation allows for tweaks to be made to the critical search engine components without actually disrupting the overall design or outlook of your website and pages so that it doesn’t affect how your overall site is represented to the customers.

· Quicker Load Times as compare with blogger vs wordpress :

WordPress is also ahead in the competition because of its relation to SEO is how it actually tackles database issues. As it stands, WordPress increases the speed to a limit at which the pages on the website load. There are also numerous plug-ins and best practices that are modified by the designers that increase the speed by efficient issues of databases even further.

· Open-Source Designing:

It means that any developer in the world is capable of making content such as plug-ins or code and gives it to the community. So there are literally innumerable different designs that can be implemented with Google’s suggested top SEO practices. So you do not have to actually read all the latest articles precisely about SEO to keep up to date, the community will do that for you.

Wordpres Responsive Designs:

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Optimization for the mobile devices is a standard for WordPress due to responsive design making. It ensures that the device is using to view your website they will be shown the most appropriate version on your site automatically. These days it is an integral part of SEO as Google recently announced again that if your website does not have a responsive design will be appeared lower in the rankings of the search engine.

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WordPress is quite user-friendly software for everyone involved, it also allows you to edit search engine components without actually editing how the site operates, and it lowers the loading time and increases the speed at which people can load pages of yours. These are a large community that creates new plug-ins and differently designed templates with the latest best practices for SEO and websites that are developed with WordPress are optimized completely for all the devices from the outset. You can find all the details regarding it in Cloud Axis. CloudAxis provides better hosting platform for your website need to host under WordPress. Cloud Axis is one of the best hosting provider currently trending and trusted by over 4.5 lakh clients.

Why is WordPress an Ideal Choice for Small Business?

WordPress is the best platform for making sites of small businesses. It is a blog platform which is utilized by all the bloggers. At the present, WordPress is employed by a lot of top bloggers around the globe; it also powers loads to usual sites. What actually turns the WordPress awesome for an SME owner or why the WordPress website is useful for small business?

· WordPress Is Extremely Simple:

Earlier, a lot of sites were produced by the website developers. In case if you wished to incorporate something on the site then you will have to get in touch with your firm and you will be charged to do the change.

At the present times, a great web presence turns out more and significant to the small businesses, the businessmen wish to be able to keep their respective websites state of the art without actually needing to take help of a specialist. Incorporating any content over a WordPress enriched website is a simple as employing a word processor. Anybody can carry out the functions easily.

WordPress is an influential personal publishing platform that is accessible at present. This explains it could be simply extensive to add functionality and therefore can be any kind of website that a small business may wish to have. It could be anything like a portfolio website, or email marketing site, or a specialized social network that are in trend these days. You can incorporate a business catalog and the administrator an electronic commerce business with the help of it. You can also use it for event scheduling. It can be used as a blog, of course. You can blindly trust Cloudaxis for WordPress website development in India for your all kinds of programming needs.

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· WordPress can manage multiple users:

WordPress facilitates you to handle your team members by availing many account supports if you possess a team functioning at the same time. This feature provides you and your team to do an upgrade as well as handle your site from anywhere. The sturdy security of WordPress also supports your data into protected fail servers that are impassable by the spams.

Why is WordPress Development Important for the Online Businesses?

· Open Sources:

It is an open source platform and you can use it to integrate with your online store.

· Variety of Themes:

The best feature of WordPress is that it comes with a variety of themes as well as plug-ins. Since the look of the online store should be a very welcoming and user-friendly which actually decides the success of the site, WordPress is the most recommended platform.

· CostEffective:

A customizable theme needs to be acquired from WordPress so that you can actually get the desired look of your online store’s website.

For all the online and offline businesses, all you need is CloudAxis that is most needed company that has various advanced key features and easy to access so becoming the number one choice for the entrepreneurs and the developers.


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