Accenture Admits Launching of a new testing Support for artificial intelligence Methods


    Accenture on 20 February announced the launching of new solutions for analyzing Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems internationally which are powered with a “Train and Evaluation” methodology intended to help companies build, track and quantify dependable AI systems inside their own infrastructure or even at the Cloud.Accenture Logo. Loic Venance/AFP

    Accenture Logo. Loic Venance/AFP

    Accenture’s “Educate and Evaluation” methodology ensures AI systems are making the proper choices in two stages.

    The “Educate” phase concentrates on the selection of information, algorithms and models which are utilized to educate Machine Learning (ML).

    Throughout the “Evaluation” stage, AI system outputs are in comparison to key performance indicators and evaluated to discover if the machine can describe the way the decision or result was decided by employing advanced procedures and Cloud-based tools to track the machine.

    “There’s also a demand for new capacities for assessing learning and data models, picking algorithms, and observation for prejudice and regulatory and ethical compliance,” additional Kishore Durg, Senior Managing Director, Growth and Strategy, and International Testing Services Lead to Accenture.

    He explained that Accenture’s “Educate and Evaluation” methodology requires all this into account to assist companies develop and confirm AI systems with assurance.

    Accenture utilized this methodology to prepare a conversational digital broker for a financial services firm’s website.


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