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Important things happen around the world at all times and thanks to technology we can record them. The recording of a moment can be done for memories sake or to display the whole wide world. The videos capture the instant with every single detail to remember all throughout one’s life. It can be the first words of a baby or a wedding some things are worth remembering forever. Videos are captured in a specific format depending on the device used to capture the video. Movies are made in very high quality like HD or ultra HD and phones use a comparatively low quality like MP4. To play a high quality video in another device can create various errors.

There are various video formats like- HEVC/H.265, MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, MP4, AVI, etc. Now with this wide variety of formats comes the problem of one format running only on a specific device. Sometimes a specific format is not compatible with a device and does not run on it. This situation can be very frustration as you are not able to view your own media. For such situations video converters come to the rescue.

The Solution

The best Video converter present in today’s market is WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

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This program, with it wide range of conversions and many more attractive features is the most successful application for video conversion. It has a version specially designed for mobile users. As the name suggests, this application was primarily developed to create HD videos. It has a very attractive and user friendly interface which supports varies formats apart from HD. Using this software videos for social media and publishing devices can be generated. The software can be used for two settings namely- standard and advanced. It also helps the user to edit videos, download clips from YouTube and create a video from photographs like a slide-show.

The pre-eminent characteristic of this utility is the amount of conversions available to the user. It has more than 410 conversion profiles. The user can switch the file formats as well as optimize videos for usage on any device. Profiles like phones and tablets to gaming systems and television exist in this software. Videos which are further to be edited in professional software can also be made using this software. And the quality delivered to the users is par-excellence. The videos are undistinguishable and of high quality just as required. Even the audios are flawless when they are compared to the originals.

This video converting software offers a variety of more services like YouTube MP4 downloading and video customization. From trimming and cropping to merging and adding subtitles can be done at the click of a button. It also lets the user download videos from Vevo, Facebook, DailyMotion, YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo, SoundCloud, MTV, etc. The videos available on the internet can also be converted in real-time.

Another great feature provided by this software is the ability to create slideshow from pictures. The formats like PNG/JPG/BMP can be used to fill the slideshow. These slideshow cum video can be shared using email or by just uploading. Background music can be added to the slideshow and the file can be converted to MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV, etc. The output video is the highest and finest possible quality. The embedded high quality systems and interlaced engine can improve the quality of the image drastically, reduce unwanted noise and adjust the frame of the video to improve the resolution. The resolution and bit-rate parameters are adjustable so that a balanced video with proper size is created.

It has both modes of conversion namely- batch and single. It allows you to automatically turn off the PC after conversion. It has a very fast converting speed. The application owes its high speed and quality to multi-core and hyper-threading technology. It also has advanced encoding video options for professionals.


If you want a wide range of profile and an amazing quality then WinX HD video converter is the choice for you. It can optimize the video for any device and provides a superior quality. To enjoy all the features of this software the user must get a fully licensed code for this software. The company also provides a full time technical support for people using this software. Resolutions like 4K, HD, SD and ultra HD can be handled by this application. It uses hardware acceleration techniques which enable multiple CPU cores which decode the video simultaneously and deliver the product at an incredible speed and high quality. This software can handle all video formats of your various devices including PSP, DVR, iPad, Xbox, desktop or Mobile then WinX HD video converter deluxe is best tool to alter videos to the format that works for your devices. It is a very powerful video converter application that helps the user to transform HD videos into a wide range of formats.

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