707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT


 Dodge Challenger SRT

I’m going to lower to the chase and get proper to the bit that you just got here right here for: the engine. The srt hellcat is powered by using a 6.2-liter supercharged hemi v-eight that outputs a stated 707 horsepower and 650 pound-toes of torque and can be best described, in a word, as massive. It is loud, it’s offended, and it is extremely highly effective.

I will admit that i was once a bit intimidated by using the idea of using the 2015 ward off challenger srt hellcat on public roads. Hell, I was downright petrified of what might occur with seven-hundred-plus horsepower on hand on the stab of the accelerator pedal.


The noise this thing makes is equally monstrous. At startup, the hellcat slightly literally roars to existence, startling small children and eliciting arduous seems to be from the strait-laced passersby. The engine settles then right into a stated, but at ease burble that fills the cabin even at average speeds. I discovered myself questioning why dodge even troubled to put a stereo in this automobile when that you would be able to barely hear it at 35 mph.


707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat? Hell yes!


With so much torque on demand, the hellcat may most probably make do with a single velocity transmission, however our instance was outfitted with an 8-speed torqueflite computerized gearbox with a handbook shifting mode and paddle shifters. A 6-pace tremec guide transmission is on hand, however I think that the automated is an efficient fit for the challenger’s muscle automotive vibe.

Once I say that the ability delivery is responsive, I mean instantaneous. Stab the pedal and the engine springs to lifestyles with next to no lag. The v-8 burble becomes once more a roar, now joined with the aid of the whine of the supercharger because it crams air into the cylinders for combustion. The noise is exhilarating. The acceleration is moderately less fast thanks partially to the hellcat’s uncanny means to spin its tires for the primary few ticks of the stopwatch before hooking up and taking off like a rocket.

Zero to 60 mph occurs in a launch-keep watch over-assisted 3.5 seconds and the standing quarter mile in 11.2 seconds. Preserve your right foot planted on a stretch long enough to succeed in the hellcat’s high speed of 199 mph. Dodge says that the hellcat is the fastest, most powerful muscle automotive ever and people numbers appear to again it up.


Or which you can just disable the traction and launch keep an eye on and convert the strong rubber of the rear tires into acrid white clouds of smoke. The hellcat is a burnout computing device with an appetite for eating rubber and tread. The cat can also be thirsty for gasoline with epa estimates of thirteen city, 22 freeway, 16 mixed mpg. I averaged 11.9 mpg over my long weekend.

The challenger’s is not an enormous dumb brute, it’s also packed filled with intelligence and a bit of creature comforts. For starters, the driver can tweak the hellcat’s efficiency by the use of 4 srt power modes that are all obtainable by the use of its usual connect touchscreen interface. These modes enable the driving force to speedy toggle the efficiency of the transmission (and paddle shifters, if geared up), traction keep watch over device, adjustable suspension and engine horsepower among side road, activity and observe settings — going from comfortable to hardcore with each step.


There may be additionally a 4th “custom” environment — even though all the modes are customizable — so if you do not need paddle shifters active when on the street or you wish to have a docile engine with a firm suspension, which you can tweak that. At last, there’s a valet atmosphere that truly tones down the efficiency to forestall unauthorized honing of your hellcat while you’re playing your dinner.

You’ll have observed that I mentioned that the hellcat incorporates a very un-muscle-automotive-like adaptive suspension. On the street environment, the journey remains to be firm, but relaxed over bumps, highway joints and cracked asphalt. Bumping up to game or track regularly stiffens the trip, allowing much less roll in the corners, and permitting a bit of more verbal exchange from the suspension into the cabin.

I noticed that the suspension squeaks somewhat on cold mornings — I’m now not positive if it is the stiffer sway bars or bushings — however you probably is not going to hear any of that over the engine.


Will it dance like a camaro zl1? Nope, but the hellcat blew away my expectations of its cornering potential. Between the large brembo brakes’ means to shave velocity as fast as which you can pour it on and the v-8’s capacity to almost steer the car into slight (or exaggerated) oversteer with a tickle of the accelerator pedal, the hellcat could have you grinning in the corners in addition to the straights. Pair that with the challenger’s optional sticky, Pirelli p zero tires and you have got a muscle automobile that tackles bends like a sports automobile.

That said, elevate too much speed into a bend and the heavy challenger chassis’ tendency toward pushing under steer will present itself.

Adding to the theatrics, the hellcat arrives with two keys: one black and one pink. The black key limits the hemi’s output to 500 horsepower; greater than sufficient energy for daily using and nonetheless most definitely too much for lending to a relative. Starting the automobile with the purple key on your pocket unlocks the utmost 707 horsepower and the car’s full possible.


That is your first hint on the dual nature of the hellcat. The coupe is surprisingly quiet at freeway speeds; with a most of 650 pound-toes of torque available, the engine is very nearly idling at cheap freeway speeds. I mentioned past that the adjustable suspension can be enormously comfy over bumps and round city. And the throttle is quite straightforward to coax into acceleration so smooth that your passengers won’t even understand that they’re sitting in the belly of the beast.

As the highest-tier edition, the hellcat comes lovely on the subject of absolutely loaded, boasting the same great tech and creature comforts that I noticed on the 2015 challenger scat %, so it is comfortable sufficient to be a daily driver. But if your gasoline economy is anything like mine, you can additionally are expecting that the hellcat to have reasonably excessive operating prices as smartly.


Think about what it might be prefer to shake hands with superman. You simply be aware of he can bend metal with these mitts — crush coal into diamonds — but his handshake is agency, relaxed and does not break every bone on your hand. There may be an immense power, but also a practiced regulate that makes it accessible to mere mortals. That’s what it can be like rumbling via traffic and selecting up groceries within the srt hellcat. Additionally like sups, when the 2015 evade challenger srt hellcat cuts free, it will possibly move worlds.


With an msrp that begins at $59,995 — which includes a $1,700 fuel-guzzler tax — the hellcat is not only the most highly effective challenger that cash should buy, it is also the most expensive. Our example also featured the not obligatory 8-pace automatic transmission ($1,995), premium leather seats ($1,795), an improve to the stickier tires ($395), and a navigation upgrade for its same old eight.4-inch connect infotainment machine ($695). Add destination fees to deliver you to our as tested worth of $65,870.

Which is pretty dear for a steer clear of, but the cost tag comes with the promise of proudly owning one of the vital meanest up to date machines on the highway these days and a future basic. There simply isn’t the rest like the hellcat.

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