2 Best SMS Tracker for iPhone for Free

When you are looking to track every activities such as that of the SMS< picture messages, call history, social media access, last visited sites as well as GPS location in someone else’s phone, you can well use SMS tracker which is a security application. You can download and install this application as this also works as a parental control over your kid.
So, today we are going to pick up 2 of the topmost apps for SMS tracker for iPhone:
1.       uKnowMobile
This is the best application designed for iOS and is developed through uKnow.com Inc. Parents can now have a complete monitoring over their kids as this app allows them to access to their kid’s iPad, Iphone as well as iPods. Parents can now gain information about their kid’s whereabouts as well as how they make the best use of the devices all with the help of this app here. You also get family locator services that would allow the parents to track over the location of their kids.
Parents can also go through their contact list, call list, SMS that is sent and received through their devices. This is the best SMS tracker that would help parents and others to track over the text messages, iMessages as well as several other things over the targeted phone.
Main Features:
·         Track locations; know where your suspected person is at the time.
·         Track SMS, You can now simply go through the text messages; this app also helps in the retrieval of the deleted messages.
·         Phone calls/ view photos, you can now monitor over the pictures that are there on the phone. You can also track on the voice calls, as well as web browsing history, videos and many more.
·         Get notified on risky situations
·         Analytics over the real-time
2.      SaferKid Text Monitoring
This app is much more than just a parental control and a breakthrough to the child safety tool when it comes to SaferKid. This app develops through the ages. This tool provides the most comprehensive solution than the other software that is present there as it is a complete parental control tool here. Prior to the perilous issues, that takes place it tries hard to predict the dangers and provides warning to the parents. It not that bad to check onto the text messages on the phone of others.
Main Features:
·         SMS tracking to check onto the message history
·         Block every adult contents and limit the use of the screen time
·         Previewing the contacts as well as the call history as well as whatever your kid is going through at that time. They would earn further privacy whilst the kid grows up.
·         Parents can also be alerted whatever app kids are going through.
These 2 apps are the best one that you can use to track onto your kids or partner is you are living in a sphere of doubt and suspicion. They involve no cost and are best to be used on the iPhones.

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