How I Make Live Gaming Video On Facebook and Youtube

First of all, let me tell you one thing, that is I am making live gaming video from my desktop. I have made live gaming stream on social media from my ps4 also. Everyone knows how it was easy for gamers.

I am trying to give you maximum details with some question and answer pattern.

What Application I use for Game Stream?

Answer: Nvidia Geforce Experience.

Is this application free or paid?

Answer: Nvidia Geforce Experience is a totally free application.

What is the system requirements for Geforce Experience?

Answer: Its minimum requirements are GTX660 or higher variant Nvidia graphics card should be installed on your pc and minimum 4GB of SYSTEM ran. Storage space depends on your use. As you record gameplay videos you need some space.
So, Without Nvidia GTX dedicated graphics card the function could not run.

Here Is The Video In Hindi How I Make Live Gaming Videos on Social Media:

What is the minimum internet speed, at last, to make streaming videos on social media?

Answer: I use to make live stream 1080p videos at 60 FPS on youtube and 720p videos at 60 FPS. I have 30Mbps internet broadband connection. It's monthly costs Rs.600. The average speed of my internet 25 Mbps. So, which is more than enough for gameplay streaming? Anyone can stream with 10Mbps internet speed. But the quality must be 480p at 30FPS.

How To Start Gameplay Streaming on Social Media?

Answer: I just have to open the game like PUBG PC or PUBGLITE Open Beta, and press left 'Alt+z' keys on the keyboard. It's shown on next to the game on my pc display. I press the live button for live streaming or press record option to record the gameplay video. At first, I have to log in on that social media like Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube.
After login, I have to choose my youtube channel for youtube game streaming maximum at 1080p 60FPS and choose Facebook gaming page or group for game streaming maximum at 720p 60FPS.

Can I capture photos from the game with GeForce experience?

Answer: Yes, you can. You have to press 'Alt+F1' to capture any frem during gameplay.

To Stop and run you have to press some keys on your keyboard and choose to stop or pause.

Hope now you get all basic Idea about my live game streaming secret. Not only that I will bring more details on this topic. Hope you can get help from this article and make live gaming videos on social media.

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