How to Permanently Delete Your Google Accounts

Hi, in this article you will learn How to Delete Your Google accounts. Google accounts mean Gmail, YouTube or Google other services. You can permanently delete all account within a minute and immediately. Lets Start:

I am giving you some easy steps to completely delete your google accounts:

  • ·         Open Gmail by typing ‘www.gmail.com’
  • ·         Open that mail account which you want to delete.

  • ·         Click on the right top corner of the page of your mail id and then click ‘Google account’.

  • ·         A new page comes and says welcome, the name of your mail account.

  • ·         After that, click on ‘data & personalization’ on the left side of the page.

  • ·         A new page comes, scroll down and find ‘delete a service or your account’. Just click on it.
  • ·         After a new page comes you will find on your top right side option out of 4, that is ‘delete your account’.
  • ·         Just Click on it and confirm your mail password and press continue.
  • ·         A page comes with terms and condition that shows you an alert about your delectation all of your mail data or YouTube videos.
  • ·         Scroll down and find 2 checkboxes. Turn them on.
  • ·         Click ‘delete account’.
  • ·         A new page comes with ‘continue’ and ‘sign in again’. Click ‘Continue’.
  • ·         Finally this page comes with confirmation from google that your account has been deleted permanently and you have a short time for last chance to recover your accounts if wrongly deleted. That’s it. You have done your job.

Hope this short article will help more people who would like to delete their Google accounts. Hope I can help them.
Tell me or ask me any question at any time and I will reply to you.
Thank You. We will meet again on my next article for your help.

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