2018 Could be Amazon’s year to Play a Major role in Internet Marketing


Together with WPP’s over 200,000 employees and a $75 billion press publication, Sir Martin includes a uniquely privileged insight to the future of the internet marketing market. And he considers 2018 could be the year a third company unites what he requires the Facebook/Google “duopoly” in internet marketing and search.

In addition to being a trade and internet services leviathan, Sir Martin forecasts, Bezos’ monster is going to turn into a marketing and search company.

Not that Sir Martin is composing Facebook or, especially, Google. Really, he boldly indicates that Google could have a very clear lead in autonomous automobiles. And he’s optimistic about all of the planet’s seven leading tech company (the Frightful Five and Alibaba and Tencent) — that he calls the “seven sisters”- in terms of their creation of AI. But here he is especially bullish on Amazon’s Alexa that, he considers, is winning at the voice-activation device warfare by “carpet-bombing” its competitions.

Through the years, Sir Martin has always contended that the large tech firms should have the very same duties and accountability as traditional media firms. So will 2018 be the year the pig finally turns along with the Frightful Five eventually admit they are networking firms? Sir Martin believes this could have really occurred in 2017 — mentioning Facebook’s decision a year to use 20,000 editors to track its own videos.

And in 2018 he proposes they’ll come to act increasingly like traditional media firms. And nobody should listen closely to this information that Jeff Bezos, that Sir Martin explains as the “John D. Rockefeller” of the 21st century.


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