18 Blog Tips to Help You Succeed


There is no magic to bring success in blogging but it is a combination of understanding, hard work and consistency. Before you start blogging, you must read these 18 tips which will surely help you succeed in blogging field.


  1. Focus on target audience:the target audience for your blog needs to be identified. Focusing on the niche audience and developing appropriate content catering to those people, will ensure a loyal group of followers to your blog and promotion of your blog will become easier.
  2. Add Uniqueness : coming up with a different topic to blog everyday is not feasible. Instead, the blogger must incorporate his/her knowledge, opinion and individuality into the blog to set apart from competition.
  3. Research Content: Research is important to know how other bloggers are presenting similar information, and then develop innovative ways to do it better. Research is also essential to ensure the content is correct.
  4. Originality:An important strategy for a successful blog is to develop content that isn’t readily available elsewhere in the blogosphere or on the web.
  5. Regular Update:To build and sustain a steady audience, a blogger must add new content to his/her blog regularly. Every new entry should build upon previously published content.
  6. Approach to promotion:building large pool of audience requires continuous marketing, promotions and even paid advertising. Many bloggers rely on the conventional media to create awareness among people, generate publicity and build an audience.
  7. Professional Format:the design and content of a blog should always be professional. The blog should be properly editted and proofread to avoid any errors. Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your blog negatively affects credibility and makes it appear substandard.
  8. Time Management : blogging is time consuming and a proper schedule mentioning time allocation for every detail like content, fonts, images and formatting, should be drafted so that sufficient time is devoted to every element. Blogs require frequent updates so it is important to follow a strict time table.
  9. Utilization of Social Media:to drive maximum traffic to a blog, the post should be promoted on social media like TwitterFacebookand Instagram. After the post goes live, a number of clicks for each share are earned.
  10. Ignore Unhealthy Criticism:If one focuses on criticism, then he/she will get blocked by negative emotions, anger, and self-doubt and lose focus. Negative comments should be used as a tool to motivate yourself and refocus on your work.
  11. Conduct Keyword Research:After a topic has been chosen, turn it into a keyword because the post should rank for the keyword that people actually use, instead of a guess. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find a low competition keyword so you have a better chance of ranking for it.
  12. Follow guidelines: Posts should not be too lengthy and must be divided into short paragraphs. Short sentences and simple vocabulary should be used.
  13. Keep Commenting:a reason why a blog is not getting enough traffic from search engines, may be because the site is not getting enough authority with various search engines. Commenting on blogs helps to createbacklinks which subsequently builds traffic to your blog.
  14. Dealing with Plagiarism:Illegal content can be removed through DMCA. Instead of getting upset about it, it is advisable to focus on creating more content.
  15. Use Images:use images to attract readers’ attention.
  16. Share Personal Experience:sharing personal experience help readers connect with stories.
  17. Be Real:include proprietary information, or incorporate your own thoughts, ideas, perspective or expertise into each blog.
  18. Add Value:adding value to readers’ lives is the only way to get quality readers to your site and get their long-term loyalty.



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