149 Prepaid Plan to Provide Unlimited Data


Reliance Jio has quietly updated one of its prepaid packs to provide customers with unlimited information. The Rs. 149 plan till lately came with 2GB of bundled information with 28 days of validity — after the 2GB information cap was drained, the customer would need to obtain a top-up voucher. In contrast, most other Jio plans came with unlimited Internet access at a lower speed even following the high-speed FUP was finished. 149 program, customers will get unlimited information with this plan also.

The Rs. 149 program still will come with 2GB FUP for 28 days, but now users can access the net at 64kbps speed following the high-speed internet is finished. Notably, although Jio has provided customers with unlimited Internet, the post-FUP speed is still lower compared to that of its other programs — the Rs. 309 and programs priced higher all provide 128kbps speed, twice that of the Rs. 149 plan, after the information the high-speed is drained.

49 plans still don’t have unlimited Internet access when the FUP is absorbed.

The Rs. 149 strategy costs a little less than half of their popular Rs. 309 program that provides 56 days of validity and 1GB information per day FUP, also is much more lucrative. The Rs. 96 program comes with 7GB of all 4G data, despite the fact that the validity is only 7 days. The Rs. 149 program is not available for postpaid users of Jio. Calls are free, of course, along with the package comes with Jio programs subscription and free SMSes.

With the updated program, the Jio Rs. 149 program has a slight advantage over Airtel’s pack in exactly the identical price. The Airtel Rs. 149 program for prepaid customers comes with 2GB of information also, and bundled Airtel-to-Airtel calls.


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