10 qualities of a Good Hotel


A bad hotel can completely ruin the fun of a vacation. A comfortable bed with clean sheets is something that we all need to relax when we come back tired and sleepy from a day of sightseeing. A good hotel can enrich the experience of your hotel and make for a successful holiday.

1. Helpful and friendly staff which provides amiable environment is one of the most important qualities of a good hotel. It is important that hotel staff behave politely and provide a cheerful welcome. They must be at your call whenever required.

2. Hotel must be having a good quality air conditioning especially in summers when hotel rooms can get very hot.

3. In winters it is important that the hotel provides you heated rooms to ensure your comfort. The room must be relaxing, warm and comforting.

4. Night sleep is one of the most important parts of any vacation as the enjoyment of the coming day is totally dependent on it. The hotel must provide you with a comfortable bed so that you can wipe out all the tiredness of the day.

5. The thickness of the wall of a hotel room is also an important feature as it will prohibit unnecessary noise of TVs and people from the other rooms. It will certainly increase the quality of your stay.

6. A good hotel always satisfies special requests made by their guests. This becomes extremely important when you are taking children with you, but even on various other occasions it is satisfying when hotel take care of your special requests.

7. The location of hotel is very important. If you choose a hotel which is nearby the tourist spots you want to go then it will become much easier for you to enjoy them as you will be saving a lot of time and energy.

8. Hotel room must be neat and clean. A dirty hotel room will affect your mood badly and can be dangerous for your health too.

9. One thing you must be having in your mind while booking a hotel room is the rate, as it must be appropriate. Value for money is an important aspect and the services provided should satisfy accordingly.

10. Availability of room is also important as it is really frustrating to miss out because of unavailability of a room. A good hotel will keep one informed about the same.

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