The 10 Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts And When You Should Change Them?


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What are the most commonly replaced auto parts in your car? In fact, there might be different answers to this type of question. Most of the time, the parts that have to be replaced may depend on the year, make, and model of your car. The kind of driving you do – whether city or countryside – and the number of miles you put on the car can also have an impact on its parts. In fact, the climate where you operate the car will also play a part in this regard. Certain auto parts will wear out at an almost predictable rate due to normal wear and tear. The other factors can increase or decrease the rate at which certain parts of your car wear out. If you are an aggressive driver, you may have to often replace the brake pads of the car. Hence, your driving style will also play a part in the auto parts that you need to replace in the car. This article provides information on the 10 most commonly replaced car parts and when you should change them.

1. The battery is one part that starts to age with time. When the car battery starts to age, the performance of the car suffers as a result. The risk of failure will increase due to this reason. Your car will require a jump-start to get going if this happens when you are away from home. The most common causes of battery failure are low charge and acid stratification. But there are other factors such as poor driving habits where the driver leaves the lights and air conditioner on when taking trips that are too short or when the car cannot start easily. This is done to allow the battery to fully charge under such circumstances. But it can affect the lifespan of the battery. You should aim to replace the battery of the car every 4-5 years depending on the mileage you do. Make sure that you check for damaged cables and dirty terminals every now and then. These are important things to prolong the lifespan of your car battery.

2. Car fuses are some of the commonly replaced parts. If you experience issues with the heater, windshield wipers, and other vehicle instruments, you should check the respective fuse to see if it has failed. Fuse failure is one of the most common issues when driving a car. You should locate the fuse box in your car and make sure to check for any black fuses. Hold the fuse up to the light to see if any interior wire is broken. You can replace a damaged fuse yourself most of the time. You should check these car parts on a regular basis for a safe drive.

3. Spark Plugs are another commonly replaced car part. If you find it difficult to start the car or the car is slow in acceleration, it may be time for a new spark plug. On the other hand, misfiring and rough idling are also indications of plug failures. You can easily replace a spark plug in your car. It is not an expensive repair at all. Check the owner’s manual to locate the plugs in your car. Look for visible wear and tear when you locate the plugs. Make sure you clean the threads inside the terminal and lubricate the threads of the new plug before installing it.

4. The air filter should be replaced every 30,000 to 50,000 miles or every 3-4 years. On the other hand, if you drive the car on gravel and dusty roads, the air filter may have to be replaced earlier.

5. Exterior lights are some of the other car parts that should be replaced more commonly. The small external lights such as signal lights, brake lights, and taillights tend to fail more often than the headlights of the car. You should be inspecting these lights on a regular basis since you won’t be able to see them while you are seated inside the vehicle. Make sure to ask a friend stand outside and check each exterior light while you switch it on. Any bulb that is burned should be removed from its housing and replaced with a new one. Check the user manual for the proper removal and installation of external lights of your car.

6. Oil and oil filters should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the mileage you do. In fact, you should see that the filters are replaced every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

7. The brake rotors are another important car part that should be replaced quite often. Rotors will prevent the brake system from overheating when using. The rotors will become less efficient over time due to friction from the brake clippers and pads. If the rotors are too worn out, you may run the risk of possible brake failure. Make sure you pay close attention to squealing and grinding noises or any pulsing sensations when braking. You can find the best place to buy car parts – Car Parts Direct here.

8. Windshield wiper blades are the other car parts that fail most often. You should be replacing the windshield wiper blades every one or two years depending on the climate of the area you drive. In fact, dirt and debris on the windshield can wear out the wiper blades more quickly. If the vehicle is exposed to hot weather and sunlight, the wiper blades will take its toll. You may have to replace such blades more quickly.

9. Working headlights are vital for safe driving at night. If the headlight doesn’t provide enough brightness, you might be placed at a higher risk for accidents. Make sure you replace the bulb when a single headlight goes out. If the headlights are dim, you should get the alternator checked out to see if there are issues with the charging system.

10. Tires should be replaced every five to seven years depending on the mileage you do. The wear rating on the tires and the type of driving you do will also play an important part in this regard.



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